About London Examinations Board

London Examinations Board (“LEB”) is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (number 10043715) and the Education and Skill Funding Agency UK. Their headquarters is in Hertfordshire, England and they have an Asia regional office.
London Examinations Board only promotes internationally recognized courses. It currently has over 50 certificated, academic and executive diplomas and undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

Learning Centres

London Examinations Board is primarily a distance learning provider, but recognised that not everyone is comfortable with 100% distance learning. So, they team up with colleges and institutions to provide additional tutoring and support for some or all London Examinations Board programmes. The partners become Approved Learning Centres following quality assurance inspections and a review of their faculty and practices.
They are striving to grow the number of Approved Learning Centres so that their learners have a vast international network to collaborate with.

London Examinations Board Programmes endorsed by TQUK

They have partnered with Training Qualifications UK (“TQUK”) – professional customer-service orientated and OFQUAL registered awarding organisation. TQUK has independently assessed and verified their programmes and will issue certificates jointly with London Examinations Board. Their internal and external verifiers for the collaborative programmes are also approved by TQUK who undertake annual audits. This ensures strict compliance to academic and industry standards and award requirements.
The LEB Vision – Provide everyone with the opportunity to gain “knowledge through qualifications”
The LEB Mission – Be a global provider of affordable awards relevant to the world of work, supported and driven through technology

The LEB Core Values:


  • They are committed in providing an excellent service and wish to exceed all your expectations.
  • They put your needs first and provide a positive and supportive environment for you to achieve your goals.
  • They offer up to date and relevant knowledge – including an informed respect for the principles, values and ethics – of their chosen profession or discipline.
  • They provide you with the tools to communicate – verbally and in writing – with confidence.
  • They equip you with the ability to deliver good visual presentations relevant to your profession.
  • They equip you for independent critical thought, rational enquiry and self-directed learning.
  • They build in you an ability to work effectively and collaboratively in teams.
  • They have a willingness to engage in constructive public discussion, and to accept social and civic responsibility.

The LEB Team

  • Innovation – they are always striving for new ideas and ways to do things better.
  • Openness – their open-door policy creates a receptive environment conducive to individual and team growth and wellness.
  • Employee Development – they are devoted to providing and enhancing personal and professional development.


  • Faculty and verifiers are encouraged to give feedback and be actively involved in developing qualifications to the highest industry standards.
  • Programme design, learning, teaching and assessment are their key critical success factors. They strive for relevance, excellence and quality.
  • Through collaborative activities and alliances, they benchmark their practices against the best practice in the education sector.
  • They are committed to provide you with an education approach geared towards career and lifelong education.
  • They strive for a vibrant and well-resourced learning environment that supports high quality, inclusive learner experiences, and with an employability agenda.