A Word of Welcome

I warmly welcome you as a learner of Knowledge Universe and thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in your learning journey and development.
Knowledge Universe is founded on the principles of offering a learner centric and outcomes based education. We endeavour to provide educational choices and flexibility though a diverse range of learning modes. With that in mind we offer face to face classroom based learning as well as online learning to meet your differing needs.
We place a premium in designing and offering programmes aligned to the employability agenda. We also seek to ensure a high degree of application, relevant knowledge and skills to meet the high demands and expectations of employers across industry.
At Knowledge Universe, we are committed to equipping you – our learners – for the 21st century. We ensure that you will be exposed to the use of ICT, digitalisation, social learning and communication.
We trust that you will have a fantastic learning experience with us and we ask that you come to us with a positive and keen attitude to gain the skills and knowledge you will require to succeed in your career and professional development.

Chief Executive Officer
Associate Professor Chan Chee Seng