NBUC Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing

With continuous and ever growing internationalisation on a global scale, there is a growing recognition that the traditional and generic business management programme is unable to cater to the rising demand of trained and knowledge workers with specialised knowledge and skills in the increasingly important marketing function for business organisations.
This degree which focusses on marketing is geared towards the increasingly globalised environment. This qualification will equip successful graduates with the requisite knowledge and understanding required to pursue the demands of the providing executive and managerial expertise required to serve the marketing function.
It is designed to develop knowledge and skills needed by those Candidates wishing to follow the challenging and rewarding marketing function.
The degree also aims to provide Candidates with a set of employability attributes that are crucial for Business graduates, including communication, critical thinking, team-working and numerical and IT skills.
The programme uses various teaching and assessment strategies to enhance Candidates’ communication skills, ranging from in-class presentations and optional real-life business/ marketing projects to writing up reports that focus on solutions to problems confronted by business organisations.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and thinking ability to compete globally as an executive in International Business.
  • Analyse, evaluate, solve and making critical decision based on evidence and experience gained throughout their course of study as an executive in International Business.
  • Apply their creative thinking and innovative ability for the betterment of the profession and society as an executive in International Business.
  • Equipped them with continued desire to upgrade their knowledge and adopt lifelong learning process as an executive in International Business.
  • Undertake research and development activities for the advancement of their profession and organizations as an executive in International Business.
  • Perform their roles and responsibility, professionally, skillfully, effectively in the global job market wherever they are involved as an executive in International Business.
  • Use technologies in their profession as an executive in International Business.
  • Act effectively as an individual, in a group with leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities as an executive in International Business.

Entry Requirements

If candidates have a level 5 Diploma in business that has been has approved by Knowledge Universes under the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL), then these candidates will only need to undertake of 10 modules or units of study to achieve this degree from NBUC.
For candidates that do not have a level 5 Diploma, they may need to undertake a full approved Diploma or only a number of modules from an approved Diploma. The Academic Director of Knowledge Universes will determine this.
Generally, to only undertake the top-up ten NBUC modules, candidates must meet one of the following entry requirements:

  • The London Examinations Board Higher Diploma in Business Administration; or
  • A Level 5 diploma equivalent to the London Examinations Board Higher Diploma in Business Administration; or
  • Applicants with the equivalent of a Year 1 and Year 2 undergraduate degree in Business recognised by the Admission and Advanced Standing Panel of Knowledge Universe.

For candidates that do not have a level 4 diploma there is an option to undertake the London Examinations Board level 4 and level 5 diplomas first, before commencing with the NBUC top-up degree.

The top-up NBUC modules

The Level 6 Top-Up Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) International Business accrues 40 Credits based on the Malaysia Qualification Framework (MQF) consisting a total of 10 modules or units of study. The modules/ units are as follow:

  • Module 1 –Marketing Research (4 Credits)
  • Module 2 – Service Marketing (3 Credits)
  • Module 3 – Marketing Channel Management (3 Credits)
  • Module 4 – Strategic Management (4 Credits)
  • Module 5 – Cross Cultural Management (3 credits)
  • Module 6- Industrial Marketing (3 Credits)
  • Module 7 – Product Management (4 Credits)
  • Module 8 – International Marketing (4 Credits)
  • Module 9- Research Project (6 Credits)
  • Module 10- Practical Training (6 Credits)


Assessments for the LEB Level 5 Higher Diploma is based wholly on course work, assignments and work based reports.
Assessment for top-up the BBA (Hons) comprises of 70% coursework and a timed unseen written examination which will account for the remaining 30%.


The top-up the BBA (Hons) should take about 12 to 15 months.
One top-up Diploma modules as appropriate is made available each month and candidates have an additional month to submit assignments. The full LEB Higher Diploma can be completed in 9 months.